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Confusion: Espionage and Deception in the Cold War

Retail: $59.95
Price: $44.99
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Publisher: Stronghold Games

BGGID: 2961

Confusion: Espionage and Deception in the Cold War Board Game


Drake says: "Confusion is a strategic two-player abstract with a heavy deduction element. At the start of the game, neither player knows how their own pieces move. Via performing attempted moves, each player tries to deduce the movement of their own pieces. As you determine how to move your pieces, your goal is to capture the plans and deliver it to your opponent's side of the board."


John says: "Confusion is an excellent 2-player deduction board game. The mechanics are a mix of Stratego, Chess, and Clue."


Robert Abbott


The Cold War. A dangerous time for the world. A dangerous time to be a spy... but that is exactly what being a spy is all about. As the shadowy clouds of intrigue and subterfuge settle across the globe you have been called upon by your country to obtain the Top Secret information that will ensure your country's safety and supremacy. But not all is as it seems; your spies are difficult to control on a global scale, and even worse, there's a Double Agent in your midst who threatens the entire mission!

Can you achieve your goals at the expense of your opponent, or will the entire operation collapse in a sea of Confusion?

9 +

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