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Enchanted Forest

Retail: $29.99
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Publisher: Ravensburger

BGGID: 938

Enchanted Forest Board Game


Drake says: "The king's castle reveals the treasures you must search for throughout the forest. Roll the die to determine the distance you move, making your ways to the trees to see what treasures are hidden under them. When you reach a tree, you can look under it, making sure the other players don't see what you've found. Once you've found the treasure the king has requested, make your way to the castle so that you can announce where it is. If you're right, you continue on your journey for the next treasure. If you're wrong, you must go all the way back to the village and start over. The first player to correctly announce the location of three treasures wins!"


John says: "If you want your kids to work on memory and strategy, Enchanted Forest is the perfect game for your family!!"


Alex Randolph & Michel Matschoss


Cinderella's glass slipper, the Emperor's crown and other once-upon-a-time treasures are hidden deep in the forest. Find them for the king and you'll inherit the kingdom! One treasure is hidden under each tree in the forest. As you move from tree to tree, you get to peek at the treasures you find. Can you remember where each one is hidden? When the king asks where one of the treasures is, players race to reach the castle with the right information.

Here's a tip: If you watch the other players carefully, sometimes you can even figure out where the treasure is without ever seeing it! The first player to locate three treasures wins.

  • 1 Game Board
  • 13 Treasure Cards
  • 13 Trees With Hidden Treasures
  • 6 Wooden Playing Figures
  • 2 Dice
  • 1 Rule Booklet

6 +

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