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King Christopher (ORDER/RATINGS) The King likes order. He is the King after all. He has chosen an order in which to approach these great board games. The games are placed in one of three calibers:

Caliber 1: Easy
Caliber 2: Intermediate
Caliber 3: Advanced

There are 5 games in each caliber that the King suggests new gamers start with.

Billy (ADVISE/QUESTIONS) If you're new to games, then Billy can help! Though he's a little grumpy, he'll show you where to start and where to go next. If you've got questions about ANYTHING, he's your guy. Want to know how difficult a game is, or how it compares to another? Want to know about a game's mechanics or how well the theme suits its components? Ask Billy. He'll do his best to advise you.

Drake (GAME SUMMARY) Drake knows his games. He really is THE OLD GUARD. And with his age he becomes more and more curmudgeonly. Drake likes to keep it short and sweet when describing games. Look to him for a consise game summary, a quick overview of themes, game mechanics, and rules. And please, PLEASE, don't make a comment about his ungroomed mustache.

John (TIPS/COMMENTS) John likes games! A LOT! Since he's one of the guards here at GatePlay, he sees which games come in, and which games go out. And boy does he have a comment for everything! Sometimes, you can't shut him up. Sure, he's got his favorites, but listen to him for great board game tips, suggestions, and positive (or negative) comments regarding game difficulty, length, strategy, mechanics, and which snack to serve while playing.

Hunchy (RECOMMENDATIONS) Hunchy is kind of the salesman of the group. He's always got a hunch that if you like one of his game picks, you'll like another! You can trust him for board game suggestions and recommend games that are similar in style, difficulty, theme or game mechanics.

Princess Jennifer (FEATURES) Some might say Jennifer likes to gossip, but really she strives to inform. And even though she's got some dish on the King, she'd rather keep you posted on the latest news, preorders, specials and game sales! Sometimes she even bundles games together for extra savings. What a sweetheart!

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