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Gloria Picktoria

Retail: $19.95
Price: $12.99
Save: 35 %
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Publisher: Rio Grande Games

BGGID: 247

Gloria Picktoria Card Game


Drake says: "In Gloria Picktoria, players are trying to collect majorities in as many of the ten different commodities by placing the most cards (or second most) of that card type out than anyone else. There are three rounds, which are delimited by the appearance of certain cards from the draw pile. Some Union Pacific/Airlines enthusiasts might recognize the system as the shares aspect is very similar."


John says: "Gloria Picktoria is an excellent and inexpensive set collecting game that combines many of Alan R. Moon's greatest game mechanics. Great for families!"


Alan R. Moon & Mick Ado


What a cackle! Since Rooster Booster announced his visit from overseas, each hen also wants to be a "chicken of the world." Having fluffed-up feathers is not enough lately, trendy chickens have been building up glamorous private collections which have to include not only golden yellow grains and top quality ankle bracelets made from platinum, but also genuine fox throw rugs, fox tails and even necklaces of fox teeth. And, I wonder if the small pile of golden poop in this glass showcase might suit Rooster Booster's taste in art...?

  • 90 Collection Cards
  • 10 Rooster Booster Cards
  • 5 Doubler Cards
  • 5 Wild Cards
  • 1 Fox
  • 1 Score Card
  • 1 Rule Booklet

10 +

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Hunchy says: "If you enjoy this set collecting card game, you'll likely have fun with Coloretto, Lost Cities, Where's Bob's Hat?, Ticket To Ride: The Card Game and Bohnanza."
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