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If Wishes Were Fishes!

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Publisher: Rio Grande Games

BGGID: 25584

If Wishes Were Fishes! Board Game


Drake says: "In If Wishes Were Fishes, each player is a fisherman, trying to catch the most profitable fish and sell them for the best prices. Timing is everything, as players have limited space for storing caught fish. Wishes will allow players extra abilities to maximize profits and gameplay activity. May the best fisherman win!"


John says: "If Wishes Were Fishes has excellent components and some difficult decisions for a lighter medium-weight game. The slimey-textured worms are a fun and original form of currency. The theme creates an expectation of a light game for kids, though it's a deeper game with a decent amount of luck."


Peter Sarrett & Michael Adams


In this game, the fishes really can grant wishes - but you have to throw them back.

Players are fishermen, trying to catch the most valuable fish and sell them in the market for the best prices. With limited space for storing caught fish, players must use their wits to get the right fish to market at the right times. This is where the granting of wishes is most helpful. Just catch the fish who will grant the wish you want, throw it back, and you get your wish. Sounds simple, but the game does require a bit of thinking and planning. The wishes can help you increase the value of fish when sold, grant you extra storage space, and several other useful things.

  • 1 Game Board
  • 74 Cards
    • 70 Fish Cards (10 Each Of 7 Kinds)
    • 4 Market Full Cards
  • 75 Wooden Fish (15 Each In Five Player Colors)
  • 30 Worms
  • 5 Buyers (One “3”,Two “2”s And Two “1”s)
  • 1 Rule Booklet

10 +

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