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Publisher: Rio Grande Games

BGGID: 25674

Khronos Board Game


Drake says: "In Khronos, you play a powerful lord and his faithful companion engaged in a fight for influence throughout time. The game proceeds simultaneously over three different periods. You start the game in the Middle Ages, on the first of the three game boards (that of the commanderies). With 4 action cards in hand per turn, you have seven turns in which to develop your domains by building various types of military, civil and religious buildings."


John says: "Khronos is a clever and intriguing game of time travel with 3 different boards (eras). Don't underestimate trading in cards at the beginning of your turn. Great interaction between players!"


Arnaud Urbon & Ludovic Vialla


The Master Clocksmith came to speak to me this morning revealing a fabulous secret... We can travel in time, my friend! Not just dreaming about it like my astrologist does, but actually going there. I can hardly believe it! There seem to be periods in our future where the strength of our walls will be nothing compared to the strength of our collective faith. Or an even stranger future epoch where the people will rule themselves. The Master Clocksmith has convinced me that our power is now limitless. Our lands and domains are ours forever. My opponents will not wait and my Lords have already started preparing for their journeys. My dear friend, come with me, for from this day forward, I will be remembered as the king who forged our own destiny... literally!

  • 1 Game Board
  • 1 Round Turn Counter
  • 10 Adventurer Pawns
  • 125 Control Cubes
  • 1 Round Counter Pawn
  • 60 Treasure Coins
  • 33 Action Cards
  • 155 Building Tiles
  • 1 Rule Booklet

12 +

Check out "Khronos" on!

Check out "Khronos" on!

GAMES Magazine Best Advanced Strategy Game 2008

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