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Board games? Really?

Most people, especially in North America, think of Monopoly, Life, Clue and Sorry when they think of board games. Unfortunately, they also think "bored" games. In the 1980s, when America was distracted by video games, Germany began publishing "designer" games that set them apart from traditional board games. Designer games (also referred to as German-style games or Eurogames) offer shorter game length (many last between 20-60 minutes with time estimates for game play printed right on the box!), more strategy, thoughtful gameplay, superior quality game components and mechanics designed by world renowned board game designers. These games leave you wanting more, rather than wishing it would end. In fact, after you've played a few designer games, you may never play Monopoly again!

There are a handful of these designer games that have broad appeal through their simple mechanics, yet deep strategy. These select few introductory games have been coined "gateway games" because they are the best games to use when introducing traditional game players to the new and wonderful world of designer games. Once people are introduced to designer games, and specifically the "gateway games," they have a whole new perspective on board games and usually become hooked. This website is designed to streamline the daunting choice of designer games and point new gamers to the best of the best through our efforts to support you on your journey to this new social and engaging hobby.

To be an official "Gamer" around here, you should get the proper experience, and play our 15 Gateway Games suggestions! Once you've done that, you can "enter the gate" and play just about anything! You can chart your own course if you wish, it's just that we've laid out an easy way for beginners to approach these games and we're eager to share. Don't forget to track your progress on your "GatePlay Shields!"

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