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The Princes Of Florence

Retail: $39.95
Price: $27.99
Save: 30 %
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Publisher: Rio Grande Games

BGGID: 555

Drake says: "Players assume the roles of Florentine Princes who wish to design their own villas to allow artists to create great works of prestige. Over seven rounds, each containing an auction phase and two action phases, the Princes pay for landscaping, buildings, freedoms, and various services and bonuses. At the end of the seventh rounds, whoever has the most Prestige Points wins."

John says: "The Princes Of Florence has an excellent auction game mechanic with lots of tough decisions. Placing tiles on your player board feels a bit like TETRIS! Have a strategy in the first few rounds and try to stick with it because placing tiles on your board is a bit unforgiving. This is a beautiful game with an engrossing theme! A gamer favorite!"


Wolfgang Kramer & Richard Ulrich


Experience the golden age of the Renaissance. Assume the role of the head of an Italian Aristocratic dynasty and lead your family. The players support the builders, artists, and scholars so that their completed works will bring their families fame and prestige. As the patrons of the creators of great works, the players seek to multiply their fame and reputations, but only one will become the most prestigious prince of Florence!

  • 1 Game Board
  • 5 Player Boards
  • 30 Buildings: 3 each of University, Laboratory, Workshop, Library, Opera, Studio, Hospital, Theater, Tower, And Chapel
  • 18 Landscapes Tiles
  • 12 Freedom Tiles
  • 6 Builder Tiles
  • 7 Jester Tiles
  • 60 cards
  • Money
  • 6 Figures
  • 6 Markers
  • 1 Rule Booklet

12 +

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IGA: 2001 International Gamers Award
2000 Meeple's Choice Award
Hunchy says: "If you enjoy games with puzzle mechanics, you'll also enjoy Ubongo, Blokus, Turbo Taxi, Ricochet Robots, The Hanging Gardens and Ingenious!"
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