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The Settlers Of Catan

Retail: $42.00
Price: $33.60
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Publisher: Mayfair Games


Drake says: "Play as an immigrant on the newly populated island of Catan. Build settlements, roads, and villages by taking commodities from the land around you. Turn a sheep, lumber, rocks and some grain into a settlement, bricks and wood into road, or try to complete other combinations for more advanced buildings and services. Take advantage of trades with other players, or at local seaports to get commodities you might lack. The first player to gain 10 points from a combination of roads, settlements, and special cards wins."

John says: "This is one of the best multiplayer strategy games ever designed, no question about it! The board design changes with each new game, keeping it fresh and exciting with every play. There's an extraordinary amount of depth to the strategy, but it's approachable to non-gamers. There is a bit of luck, but that's one of the reasons this game keeps me and my gaming friends coming back for more. This incredible gateway game consistently gets new gamers hooked. If you call yourself a gamer, you must own this game!"


Klaus Teuber


The Settlers of Catan has been awarded the "Game of the Year" honor in both Germany and the United States. Learn to play in about 15 minutes. Then enjoy hundreds of hours of fast-paced fun. In The Settlers of Catan you control a group of settlers trying to tame the wilds on the remote but rich island of Catan. Start by revealing the island's many port sites and regions: plains, meadows, mountains, hills, forests, and desert. The random mix creates a different board for virtually every game! Then embark on a quest to settle the island. Guide your settlers to victory by clever trading and cunning development. Instead of money you use combinations of resources - grain, wool, ore, brick, and timber - to purchase development cards, or build roads, settlements, and cities. Acquire your resources through trade or the luck of the dice. But beware! Someone might cut off your road or buy a monopoly! And you never know when the robber will appear and steal away with your precious gains!

  • 37 Hexagonal Region Tiles
  • 20 Settlement Pieces (5x4 Different Colors)
  • 16 City Pieces (4x4 Different Colors)
  • 60 Road Pieces (15x4 Different Colors)
  • 95 Resource Cards
  • 25 Development Cards
  • 4 Building Cost Cards
  • 2 Special Bonus Cards
  • 18 Die Cut Counters
  • 2 Six-sided Dice
  • 1 Wooden Pawn
  • 1 Rule Booklet

10 +

Check out "The Settlers Of Catan" on!

Check out "The Settlers Of Catan" on!
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