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Retail: $64.99
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Publisher: Queen Games

BGGID: 691

Tombouctou Board Game


Drake says: "All caravans want to go to Timbuktu to convert salt, coffee, gold, pepper, and especially water to riches and fame! Of course, the way through the desert is perilous and only the best will make it safely. Those too timid will fail. Good luck!"


John says: "Timbouctou is easy to learn and players always find themselves wanting to play it again soon after! It is an excellent game for newcomers and experienced gamers alike!"


Dirk Henn


At the end of each stage, thieves will steal goods from the caravans when they stop at an oasis. Each player must engage in a Sudoku-like analysis of the clues he is given to determine which pitches in the new oasis will be struck by thieves and which will be safe places for him to rest his camels. As the round progresses, you gain more information about where the thieves will be. The object of the game is to be the trader left with the most value in goods when you reach Tombouctou.

  • 1 4 Piece Game Board
  • 105 Goods
  • 5 Caravan Boards
  • 40 Camel Cards
  • 15 Thief Cards
  • 1 Sheet Of Stickers
  • 40 Wooden Camels
  • 1 Stage Counter
  • 1 Round Counter
  • 1 Rule Booklet

10 +

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