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Wacky Wacky West

Retail: $35.00
Price: $28.00
Save: 20 %
Publisher: Mayfair Games


Wacky Wacky West Board Game


Drake says: "In Wacky Wacky West you and your fellow townfolk place track tiles, street tiles, and river tiles hoping to destroy your rivals' buildings. Every time someone tries to build over a precious outhouse, the town votes! You try to enlist your supporters (represented by cards) to vote with you to stop or encourage the play of certain tiles-perhaps saving some of your buildings or taking out those of your dastardly opponents."


John says: "This Game Of The Year winner reprint is an excellent reproduction of Klaus Teuber's (designer Of Settlers Of Catan) Wild West Classic. Don't miss it!


Klaus Teuber


Fans of Klaus Teuber will be interested in this remake/redesign of Drunter und Druber, a 1991 Spiel des Jahres winner.

Just south of nowhere, there's the junction of the Mayfair & Rossdorf RR and the Turvy Trunk Line. Springing up from the desert like a tumbleweed lies the eccentric little town of Rossdorf. Like most western towns, Rossdorf has a Land Agent: Guy Dough, the brother of that wicked varmint Black Benny. A shrewd opportunist, Guy's done sold all the town land ('ceptin' the outhouses) four times over! Every acre in town that ain't got an outhouse on it is owned by the miners, the railroads, AND the fort captain. Just about a year ago, miners digging in the shadow of Fort Rossdorf struck the mother lode! But it wasn't gold, and it wasn't silver. No, my friend, it was just a little spring. Not any ordinary spring, though! It was a torrent of that mind-marbling drink the locals call "Wacky Water!"

Now that water's done what the sun and the wind couldn't do: it's made those landholders brave enough to take matters into their own hands. Now they'll use whatever means they can to bowl over the competition and lay claim to the only fertile spots left in town! Now the only thing stoppin' 'em is the Town Charter Amendment #5, which states: "no landholder may move, remove, or detonate any outhouse without a majority vote of the Town Citizens..." Now one thing's for sure: something's gonna stink in Rossdorf, purty darn soon.....

  • 1 Game Board
  • 4 Work Gang Figures
  • 6 Goal Cards
  • 32 Vote Cards
  • 60 Tiles (Streets, Rails and Rivers)
  • 1 Rule Booklet

10 +

Check out "Wacky Wacky West" on!

1991 Spiel des Jahres Winner


Hunchy says: "If you enjoy the "Wild West" theme, you'll also enjoy BANG!, Carson City and Wyatt Earp!"

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