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Zooloretto - The Gorilla

Retail: $10.00
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Publisher: Rio Grande Games

BGGID: 40825

Zooloretto - The Gorilla Expansion Pack


Drake says: "Zooloretto - The Gorilla Expansion Pack must be played with Zooloretto. It comes in a shrink-wrapped package with die-cut tiles of the same quality as the original game. This set adds even more zoo planning and strategy."


John says: "This expansion adds great new aspects and strategies to Zooloretto! Includes 5 new expansions!"


Michael Schacht


Gorilla is a small expansion for the award-winning Zooloretto and the follow-up game Aquaretto.

For Zooloretto, it contains a savings book for each player and job boards. Savings books can be used to earn interest during the game and to break ties at the end of the game. It also contain job boards, which encourage players to acquire specific animals for their zoos. At game end, players score additional points for having collected the animals shown on their job boards.

For Aquaretto, it has three co-worker tiles; the Research Station, the Training Area, and the Technical Area. Players may take these tiles when they take co-workers to score more points. It also adds Trains to the game. Players can collect different train tiles to score additional points at game end.

A zoo of a family game in which less is sometimes more...

  • 5 Expansions
    • 1 Gorilla
    • 5 Job Boards
    • 5 Savings Books
    • 3 Coworker Tiles
    • The Trains (18 Train Tiles)
  • Rules For Each Expansion

8 +

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(Original Game) 2007 Spiel des Jahres Winner

GAMES Magazine Best Family Game Nominee 2008 (Original Game)

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