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As a lover of Eurogames (designer games), I have a long history of introducing people to new games. Without a doubt, there are some games that work like magic when trying to introduce and excite new gamers to the hobby, and others that can overwhelm them. We've done our best to feature those magical introductory games here, and create a list for new gamers to work from.

Additionally, we're trying to fill an important void. Once I get new players excited about designer games, they want to find out more and see the other great games that this social and engaging hobby has to offer. When they ask what website to explore, I fumble in trying to give them one whose name they can remember, and one that is targeted towards brand new gamers.

At we've chosen 5 "Gateway Games" at 3 different difficulty levels to create the 3-tier Gateway Game list. I used my own experience with gamers and compiled many different lists from in choosing these 15 games that will give new players something to start with, and something to work towards. Brand new gamers can rest easily knowing that every game beginning with Caliber 1, Game 1, will lead them one step at a time to a more thoughtful and strategic experience.

Our mission is to assist brand new gamers and point them to the best of the best in designer games. We want to provide a website that experienced gamers feel comfortable sending new gamers to. Additionally, we are interested in establishing a trust with our customers. Rather than stock every game available, we want to stock "tried and true" games that we can vouch for and that our customers can be confident in. If you can buy it at, then you can be confident that you're getting an heirloom-quality game with a high replay value.

In addition, each game order will ship with several cards that Game Hosts can give to new gamers. Hosts can be confident that their guests' first board game website experience will be encouraging, informative, and successful.

So, if you're a new gamer, WELCOME! Have a look around, START HERE and listen to the "GatePlay Helpers" along the way. Don't be afraid to email Billy if you have an unanswered question.

If you're an experienced gamer, we hope that you'll find what you're looking for here as well. We've done our best to sort out the absolute best designer games available. And the next time you host a game night and your guests ask where to go to find them..."Get 'em to the GATE!" ...and tell them, "!"

Andrew Postma

GatePlay Owners Kara & Andrew Postma
GatePlay Owners Kara & Andrew Postma
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