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BANG! card game

Retail: $19.99
Price: $14.99
Save: 25 %
Publisher: Davinci Games

BGGID: 3955

BANG! Card Game
Drake says: "In BANG!, players attempt to guess which of their opponents are the vile outlaws, which are the sheriff's loyal deputies, and which is the treacherous renegade. Gameplay is simple and "spaghetti western" themed, as players attempt to eliminate each other and accomplish their team's goals."

John says: "BANG! is a short, exciting, constantly changing card game that usually lasts between fifteen and thirty minutes. The theme works perfectly and the cards have excellent humorous artwork. This is a must-have group card game that players will want to revisit over and over!"


Emiliano Sciarra


A High Caliber Card Game!

Since the beginning, the Outlaws hunt the Sheriff, the Sheriff hunts the Outlaws. The Renegade plots in secret, ready to take one side or the other. But who are the merciless Outlaws, willing to gun him down? To find out you have to draw! (Your cards, that is!) Now the Sheriff has decided to settle things once and for all in his own way. He has written a name on a single bullet. That name is... BANG!

  • 110 Cards
  • 1 Rule Booklet

8 +
Check out "BANG!" on!

Check out "BANG!" on!
Hunchy says: "If you enjoy the "Wild West" theme, you'll also enjoy Wacky Wacky West, Carson City and Wyatt Earp!"
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Product Reviews

(1 Rating, 1 Review) Average Rating:
Excellent card game in terms of intrigue, replayability, and modding
Martin Pulido (Provo, UT) 1/28/2011 8:00 PM
This western mafia game with RPG-like elements, and a clever system of distance will keep you playing over and over again. You gain a different role and character each game getting you to constantly rethink your strategy. The game has several fun expansions, both official and unofficial. BANG! is also pretty easy to mod. There are many house roles and alternate gameplays (search for BANG! Tactics or Infinite BANG! for instance) to consider. Adding character cards is easy, as well as adding new playing cards. Ideal for 5 players, it is still fun with 4 and as many as 8. If you like BANG!, check out the upcoming Robber's Roost and Death Mesa unofficial expansions. Orange cards are introduced: cards that can never be played on your turn, but rather at or during specific events on other players' turns. The orange cards are meant to improve teamwork, speed up the game, and allow you to do things while waiting for your turn. Learn more at The BANG! Blog: Less of a comprehensive expansion than Robber's Roost, Death Mesa provides a fun way of keeping dead players in the game. While they lose their character abilities and no longer draw from the normal deck, they still participate by drawing and playing cards from the Dead Men's Deck. Check out the unofficial Death Mesa expansion at The BANG! Blog:
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