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Megacorps Board Game

Retail: $34.99
Price: $19.99
Save: 43 %
Publisher: Z-Man Games

BGGID: 55492

Megacorps Board Game


Drake says: "MegaCorps is a game of economic domination. You control a MegaCorp — one of the six enormous conglomerates that dominate economic and political life in the mid-21st Century. You control industries, manipulate governments like puppets, and even wage war to open new markets. You win by making more money than the other MegaCorps."


John says: "Megacorps is a ruthless stock board game of aggressive takeovers, backstabbing, ruining other players' plans, and making money by all means necessary."


Greg Costikyan


A player chooses industries in countries, hoping for big payouts by having less competition in the industry. But if you own an industry and want to build the same industry in another country you will need to get permission. Of course, you can try to take over the country first then build in there, using the force of countries you own and mercenaries you have or with those you can persuade allies to contribute.

The type of government a country is can also have an effect on what you buy (or what you keep!). Kleptocracies can steal ownership of your industry. Dictatorships can nationalize an industry to shut you out. Democracies can buy you out."

13 +

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