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Ad Astra

Retail: $59.95
Price: $38.99
Save: 35 %
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Publisher: Fantasy Flight Games

BGGID: 38343

Ad Astra Board Game


Drake says: "In Ad Astra, you will guide one of the five factions of future humanity in its exploration of the galaxy. Wield powerful technology. reshape newly discovered planets to give a new home to Man. And explore the mysterious relics of a long-lost alien civilization...Who will be able to create the greatest star-spanning civilization?"


John says: "Not only is Ad Astra a game with MANY fun and exciting paths to victory, but the "replayability" of the game is high with a sufficient amount of randomization to make each game different!"


Bruno Faidutti & Jef Gontier


As you play Ad Astra, you will build a space civilization as humanity travels to new stars and discovers the weird artifacts of ancient alien races! You will explore new planets, exploit their resources and set your own goals to create the most advanced space colonies. Ad Astra features an innovative turn-planning system for you to master.

  • 1 Planning Board
  • 150 Resource Cards (25 Of Each Resource)
  • 55 Action Cards (11 Per Player)
  • 25 Starship Pawns (5 Per Player)
  • 25 Colony Pawns (5 Per Player)
  • 25 Factory Pawns (5 Per Player)
  • 25 Terraformer Pawns
  • 11 Alien Artifacts Cards
  • 6 Water Tokens
  • 6 Food (Vegetable) Tokens
  • 8 Energy (Fuel) Tokens
  • 6 Ore (Xanthium) Tokens
  • 6 Ore (Yoyodium) Tokens
  • 6 Ore (Zozodium) Tokens
  • 5 Alien Planets
  • 9 stars
  • 5 Scoring Tokens (1 Per Player)
  • 1 First Player Token
  • 5 Player Reference Sheets
  • 1 Rule Booklet

13 +
60 +

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