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Publisher: Days Of Wonder

BGGID: 25417

BattleLore Board Game


Drake says: "In BattleLore, 2 players command an array of miniature troops within a medieval and fantasy theme. The game is scenario based, therefore the armies on each side and the terrain layout is pre-determined and players each take control of one of the two armies. Each player must guide their troops to victory using clever deployment and spell-casting, using magic in tandem with might."


John says: "Exquisite game design and production value! BattleLore draws on the strengths of Memoir '44, Days of Wonder's other 2-player battle game. The Setup is a bit of a pain, the rewards are high! The rulebook is a bit intimidating, but it is excellent with many color illustrations. This game flies by, because it's so much fun. If you are looking for a gateway game into wargames, look no further!"


Richard Borg


The world of BattleLore meshes history and fantasy together - putting players in command of an array of miniature troops on the battlefields of a Medieval Europe Uchronia at the outset of the Hundred Years War.
In this fantastical re-imagining of the Hundred Years War, French and English armies are supplemented with Goblins and Dwarves mercenaries and even some creatures like Giant Spider and Earth Elemental! Just as important as the armies you have, though, are the Lore Masters you choose to aid you: Wizards, Clerics, Warriors and Rogues can all aid you with unique powers and spells in ways role-playing gamers will find familiar.

  • The Player's Guide to BattleLore
  • An Adventures Booklet
  • Over 210 Highly Detailed Miniatures
  • 58 Banner Bearers and 15 Extra Banners
  • A Double-Sided Battle Map
  • 46 Terrain and Landmark Tiles
  • A 60 Cards Command Deck
  • A 60 Cards Lore Deck
  • 48 Summary Cards
  • 2 War Council Sheets
  • 24 Lore Master Tokens
  • 12 Battle Dice
  • 1 Days of Wonder Online Access Number (including free access to the Online Adventures Editor)

10 +

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IGA: Best 2-Player Game Nominee 2007

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