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Retail: $49.99
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Publisher: Eagle Games

BGGID: 12477

Bootleggers Board Game


Drake says: "In Bootleggers, players will produce and sell moonshine in the early twentieth century. Using a vast array of gangsters and trucks, players must use their muscle cards to take the best action cards and control the speakeasies. With treachery, backstabbing, alliances, and more Bootleggers forces players to use their resources wisely. It's a good thing to produce a lot of moonshine at the distilleries; but too much will bring the police down on your business, and hired thugs might steal your trucks or worse! "


John says: "Bootleggers is a combination of good mechanics with a healthy dose of American theme for a fun, rewarding experience. This game can play up to 6 players, which is nice for a game of this theme and weight."


Don Beyer, Ray Eifler & Steve Gross


It's the roaring 20's and prohibition ("the great experiment") is in full swing. The business of illegal alcohol is growing bigger and getting more dangerous by the day. Illegal stills dot the countryside and secret underground speakeasies are popping up all over big cities. Local law authorities carefully look the other way for a price, but G-Men are harder to convince and can wreak destruction on a budding enterprise. With this much money and corruption, organized crime is sure to follow.

In Bootleggers, you take the role of a "boss" making a name for yourself in the trade of illegal alcohol. By muscling in on the competition, paying off the cops, and shipping trucks of "hooch", your aim is sit on top of the world, see?

Sound easy? It ain't kid.

Bootleggers is a supply chain game based on the production, shipping and consumption of illegal whiskey. Start your "family business" and build it up to an empire. Deceit, lies, and alliances of convenience are the norm as you attempt to control distribution, any way you can! You'z guys have what it takes to be the big cheese?

NOTE: All remaining copies of Bootleggers come without the 'double influence' card. The game comes with an extra 'single influence' card which can be marked-up to make a 'double influence' card.

  • 1 Game Board
  • 6 Family Still Mini-boards
  • 6 Remote Still Locations Mini-boards
  • 1 Cop Miniature
  • 12 Speakeasy Improvement Markers
  • 12 Small Trucks
  • 5 Medium Trucks
  • 3 Large Trucks
  • 120 Influence Markers
  • 80 Men Of Action Cards
  • 14 Truck Cards
  • 72 Muscle Cards
  • 70 Whiskey Bottles (cubes)
  • Play Money
  • 25 Dice
  • 1 Rule Booklet

14 +

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