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Carson City

Retail: $59.95
Price: $40.99
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Publisher: Eagle Games

BGGID: 39938

Carson City Board Game
Drake says: "In Carson City, players choose a character (there are 7 available) that gives certain advantages, after that cowboys are placed on action fields on the board to build Carson city. Players can claim ground, erect special buildings, houses or construct roads. When there are several players on 1 action field, a duel is fought. During play, money (to construct) & points can be earned. He who earns most points wins the game."

John says: "Carson City is a beautiful production that is atmospheric and highly strategic. This is a great gaming experience for gamers."


Xavier Georges


Carson City is a rootin' tootin' game of cowboys 'n guns - lots o' guns.

There are 4 rounds per game. At the beginning of each round, players choose a character (there are 7 available) that gives them certain advantages (for example the sheriff prevents any duels from happening wherever he is placed).

After selecting characters, your cowboys are placed on action track locations that allow you to construct buildings, houses or roads; claim ground; earn money; or score victory points. When more than one player is on the same location, get ready, it is time for a duel! Roll the dice and see if you are the last one standing and lay claim to the goods!

During the game, you can take various actions that earn you victory points for your plots, pistols (the hired help) and buildings. At the end of the game, your buildings, houses, mountains and money contribute to your victory points and the person with the most points wins. So go round up your posse of gunslingers and get ready for some Wild West action in Carson City!

  • 1 Two-sided Game Board
  • 20 Houses
  • 30 Building Tiles
  • 9 Mountain Tiles
  • 25 Roads
  • 1 Bag
  • Money
  • 7 Personality Cards
  • 51 Cowboys (10 Per Color, 1 Sheriff)
  • 10 Markers
  • 25 Revolver Tiles
  • 1 "3 Gun" Tile
  • 30 Dule Tiles
  • 1 Round Counter
  • 2 Dice
  • 1 Rule Booklet

13 +
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Hunchy says: "If you enjoy "worker placement" games, you'll also enjoy Stone AgeLeonardo Da Vinci, Egizia, Municipium, and Agricola!"
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