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Ca$h 'n Gun$

Retail: $49.99
Price: $32.99
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Publisher: Asmodee Editions

BGGID: 19237

Ca$h 'n Gun$ Board Game


Drake says: "In Ca$h 'n Gun$, players must decide whether to load their gun with a bullet or a blank. Players choose a target, and my lay down their gun if they believe they are being aimed at by a live bullet. Cards are revealed to see who is alive and who is dead. Then, each player who is still standing divides the loot. After 8 rounds, the player who has the most cash (and is still alive) wins the game."


John says: "Ca$h 'n Gun$ is a quick, light group game which leans heavily towards a party-style or ice breaker game. The theme is fun and mature. We recommend playing with the Basic game + power cards."


Ludovic Maublanc


In an abandoned warehouse a gangster band is splitting its loot, but they can’t get an agreement on the split! It’s time to let the guns talk and soon everyone is aiming at everyone. The richest surviving gangster wins the game!

Ca$h 'n Gun$ will make you relive the best scenes of your favorite gangster movies. Fun, bluffing, and tough negotiations are guaranteed, but will you dare to play? It's lethally fun!

  • 6 Foam Guns
  • 6 Set Of 8 Bullet Cards
  • 1 Quick Reference Card
  • 14 Wound Tokens
  • 14 Shame Markers
  • 40 Bank Notes
  • 6 Characters To Be Inserted In Their Base So That They Can Stand Up
  • 10 Super Power Cards
  • 3 Phone Operator Cards
  • 6 Secret Roles Cards
  • 1 Double-sided Phone Card With A Phone Used Side
  • 1 Rule Booklet

10 +

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