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Publisher: Rio Grande Games

BGGID: 30381

Hamburgum Board Game


Drake says: "In Hamburgum, players build the great cathedrals and churches in 17th Century Hamburg. They produce and ship goods, purchase materials, buildings and ships, and help construct and donate to the churches. The player with the most prestige wins!"


John says: "The Turn Action RONDEL makes this game unique. Also, the double-side board offers more replay value. Hamburgum has strategic depth with plenty of interesting tactical choices and no luck factors."


Mac Gerdts


Hamburg in the 17th century! Mighty walls protect the city against the devastations of the Thirty Years War. Thanks to Protestant religious refugees, Hamburg has become the biggest and most prosperous city of Germany. From far away the skyline shows the steeples of huge churches and the masts of mighty trade ships displaying the citizens' pride and prosperity.

The players guide families of Hamburg in the pursuit of wealth and prestige. They produce beer, sugar and cloth and sell these goods with their ships overseas. They compete over the best sites for their buildings and the best berths for their ships in the harbor. But ultimately they vie for the most prestigious church donations, because neither gold nor goods, but only prestige decides the game.

Hamburgum is a strategy game for 2-5 players without any luck of cards or dice. The actions are selected according to simple rules on a rondel. The reverse of the big double-sided game board offers another city, Londinium, a different strategic challenge.

  • 1 Doublesided Game Board
  • 90 Citizen Tokens
  • 75 Round Disks
  • 66 Coins
  • 45 Units of Goods
  • 35 Buildings
  • 30 Donation Tokens
  • 28 Ships
  • 24 Timber
  • 20 Bricks
  • 10 Game Markers
  • 6 Churches
  • 5 Church Bells
  • 5 Summary Rules
  • 1 Almanac
  • 1 Rule Booklet

12 +

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Hunchy says: "If you like the Rondel game mechanic in Hamburgum, you'll enjoy Antike and Imperial!
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