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Mad Zeppelin

Retail: $24.95
Price: $17.99
Save: 28 %
Publisher: AEG

BGGID: 66459

Mad Zeppelin Board Game


Drake says: "Mad Zeppelin is a fast-paced card game of sabotage, as you use your traitors to throw the most cargo off the Nostria and ruin the Emperor's plans. The player who destroys the most cargo wins, but you must assure you properly bribe the guards each turn, or your chances of sabotage may end at the point of a bayonet!"


John says: "Mad Zeppelin is a compact, light card-based game with great production value."


Olivier Pauwels


1890. At the height of the industrial revolution, the Great Empire is about to take delivery of many secret crates from its colonies. These crates contain all the Emperor needs to strengthen his rule on the Empire: steel, coal, ore, and above all: gold!

For security reasons, the Emperor himself has hand-picked the crew of the Nostria, one of the armoured zeppelins of the imperial fleet. However, neighbouring nations are organizing the resistance, and traitors are secretly boarding the airship to thwart the Emperor's plans.

  • 14 Traitor Cards
  • 100 Cargo Cards Of Different Categories
  • 10 Journey Cards
  • 3 Special Dice
  • 30 Gold Tokens
  • 1 Rule Booklet

10 +

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