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Merchants of Amsterdam

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Publisher: Rio Grande Games

BGGID: 531

Merchants of Amsterdam Board Game


Drake says: "In the year 1600, Amsterdam was a city of 50,000 and a bright future. This period of history is the basis for this game. The players take the roles of the powerful Merchant families of that time. The players invest in the commodity market, build warehouses in Amsterdam, and open trade offices in the colonies as they compete to become the most successful merchant in Amsterdam and win the game."


John says: "In this game there are many elements that must be balanced and there are a variety of decisions that have to be made in order to outfox your competitors! If you're looking for a tense, exciting game, check out Merchants of Amsterdam!"


Reiner Knizin


Players are attempting to be in first or second place majorities in a variety of categories throughout the game. These include commodity markets, trading colonies, and warehouses in Amsterdam.

On a player's turn, that player draws three cards and decides how to resolve them for the turn. A player can either remove the card from the game, keep it for him or herself, or put it up for auction. The cards allow players to advance or place one of their markers in the various categories.

There are also time-marker cards which, when drawn, move the game through various "historical" phases until the last which ends the game. The historical phases follow a period of time in the history of Amsterdam which can range from no effect, to scoring rounds for particular categories, to bonuses, and towards the end of the game to some penalties as wars begin to disrupt business markets.

The unique twist in the game is that the game comes with a spring-driven auction clock to perform the Dutch auctions throughout the game. You start the clock and it ticks down as all of the players hold their hands ready close by. The idea is that as time passes the cost of the card lowers and it is simply an issue of who will pay for it first by slapping down on the clock and thus stopping it at a certain price.

  • 1 Game Board
  • Auction Clock
  • 120 Tokens In 5 Colors
  • 84 Cards
  • 3 Disks (Mayor, Auction, Discard)
  • Time Passage Figure
  • Money
  • 5 Credit Markers
  • 1 Rule Booklet

10 +

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