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Ming Dynasty

Retail: $39.95
Price: $23.99
Save: 40 %
Publisher: Rio Grande Games

BGGID: 31075

Ming Dynasty Board Game


Drake says: "In Ming Dynasty, each player takes on the role of an imperial prince who, with the aid of his royal family members, attempts to acquire more and more wealth and influence for the Chinese people of the Ming Dynasty."


John says: "Excellent components match the great theme of this game."


Robert F. Watson


In the middle of the 14th Century the Chinese people succeeded to free themselves from the rule of the Mongols. With the accession to the throne of emperor Tai-Tsu they developed a rising country: China.
Each player takes the role of an imperial prince and tries to gain influence with his family members at the growth of the Chinese people during the Ming dynasty. Place your fellow men securely into the 6 Chinese provinces, which are divided each into 3 prefectures. In order where your own family members get majorities into the administration you will be recompensed during the election rounds with gifts from the emperor.

Only the player with the most balanced collection of influence chips will be able to continue as next emperor of the Ming dynasty.

  • 1 Babylon Board
  • 4 Princes (1 Each In 4 Colors)
  • 108 Province Tiles (18 Each In 6 Colors)
  • 18 Dragon Cards (Jokers)
  • 1 Round Marker
  • 124 Family Members (31 Each In 4 Colors)
  • 16 Return Cards (4 Each In 4 Colors)
  • 54 Movement Cards
  • 6 50/100 Tiles
  • 1 Start Player Figure
  • 4 Game Summaries
  • 1 Rule Booklet

10 +

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