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Mystery Express

Retail: $50.00
Price: $33.99
Save: 32 %
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Publisher: Days Of Wonder

BGGID: 65907

Mystery Express Board Game


Drake says: "in Mystery Express, players board the famous Orient Express in Paris just as a murder occurs. The rest of the trip - through Strasbourg, Munich, Vienna, Budapest and their final destination of Istanbul - is consumed with determining the who, what, when, where and why of the crime. Players use their special powers of deduction; information gleaned from others in various train cars; and investigative actions to determine the exact circumstances of the murder. The one who correctly identifies the most elements of the crime by the time the train reaches Istanbul wins the game."


John says: "Mystery Express is another gorgeous board game design from Days Of Wonder. This is an excellent deduction gateway game, in the spirit of 'Clue on rails'."


Antoine Bauza & Serge Laget


Experience the very pinnacle of stylish and luxurious travel aboard the famed Orient Express...

... until you find the body!

Suddenly everyone on board is a suspect, as you desperately attempt to solve the murder before the train reaches Istanbul.

Welcome to the Mystery Express!

  • 1 Game board
  • 5 Resin Character Figures
  • 5 Character Tokens
  • 5 Ticket Wallets
  • 100 Deduction Sheets
  • 72 Crime Cards
  • 1 Miniature Train
  • 1 Conductor Figure
  • 2 Small Passenger Tokens
  • 1 Miniature Travel Bag
  • 1 Train Whistle
  • 1 Days Of Wonder Online Access Number

12 +

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