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Publisher: Z-Man Games

BGGID: 12681

Neuland Board Game


Drake says: "In Neuland, each player earns Victory Points by producing cultural advances. To achieve that must he join the other players in creating a civilization together, which is formed by several steps of the economic system: raw materials turn into refined materials which turn into buildings and advances. Advances symbolize the completion of chains of production, and allow the players to place their victory points on the board to win the game."


John says: "Neuland is an excellent civilization game. The rules are a little difficult to interpret, so we recommend visiting the game's page on for assistance."


Peter Eggert & Tobias Stapelfeldt


Neuland lies undeveloped with only a few hunters and woodcutters living there. Players compete to build up a new civilization in which 15 properties promise prosperity and progress, including the Abbey, Guild House, Town Hall, and Stronghold. Who will achieve the chains of production necessary to claim each cultural building? Players must evaluate how much to do each turn since the fewer actions they take, the more they can achieve the next turn. When should you make your big move so you can claim that cultural advance with your coat of arms? The first to place all of their coat of arms wins the game.

  • 10 Hexagon Boards (9 Are Double Hexes)
  • 1 Timeline Board
  • 2 Building Repository Boards
  • 4 Player Boards
  • 32 Wooden Workers
  • 1 Time Marker
  • 1 Cloth Bag
  • 72 Coat of Arms tiles
  • 57 Building Tiles
  • 4 Wheelbarrow Tiles
  • 21 Mineral Tokens
  • 4 Wood Tokens
  • 4 Food Tokens
  • 4 Metal Tokens
  • 1 Rule Booklet

12 +

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