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O Zoo le Mio

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Publisher: Rio Grande Games

BGGID: 4218

O Zoo le Mio Board Game


Drake says: "In O Zoo le Mio all players are zoo directors and try to attract the most visitors to their zoos. Success comes to the player who creates the largest attractions. Players will want to build spacious areas for the various kinds of animals and also attractive pathways for their visitors with park benches and lots of trees and bushes to appeal to botanical senses."


John says: "O Zoo le Mio is a perfect game for families! The theme is well worked into the game and appeals to gamers of all ages. The components are attractive, the rules easy to learn and the game plays quickly!"


Corne van Moorsel


In O Zoo le Mio, each player is a zoo manager constructing their own zoo by bidding on and then placing tiles that depict different animal exhibits and walking paths around the exhibits.The goal is to attract more visitors to your zoo. Visitors are attracted by large zoo areas of the different types of animals - apes, mammals, birds, reptiles, and sea creatures. Tiles also have walking paths that must be lined up, and making a closed loop walking path scores a bonus. Having the most trees in a zoo also gives a bonus.

  • 4 Starting Tiles
  • 4 Zoo Entrances
  • 25 Zoo Tiles
  • 15 Visitors in 5 Colors
  • 15 Park Benches
  • 3 Trees
  • 4 Flags
  • 1 Flagpole 
  • 35 Zoo Coins
  • 1 Scoring Block
  • 1 Rule Booklet

9 +

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