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Publisher: Rio Grande Games

BGGID: 20551

Shogun Board Game
Drake says: "In Shogun, players attempt to secure a position of dominance for their respective clans as warlords in 16th-century Japan. A player must control as many provinces as possible, and develop his realm by building castles, temples, and theaters. The player who manages to build the most buildings in each of the 5 regions will be rewarded with valuable bonus points and will become SHOGUN."

John says: "Shogun is a great mix of wargame and Eurogame. It kind of feels like advanced Risk, but it has some great aspects including simultaneous action selection and a Tower for combat resolution. Excellent production value and highly recommended!"


Dirk Henn


Japan during the Sengoku or “Warring States” Period: each player assumes the role of a great Daimyo with all his troops. Each Daimyo has the same 10 possible actions to develop his kingdom and secure points. To do so he must deploy his armies with great skill. Each round, the players decide which of the actions are to be played out and in which of their provinces. If battle ensues between opposing armies, the unique Cubetower plays the leading role. The troops from both sides are thrown in together and the cubes that fall out at the bottom show who has won immediately. Owning provinces, temples, theaters and castles means points when scores are tallied. Whichever Daimyo has the highest number of points after the second tally becomes – SHOGUN!

  • 1 Double-sided Game Board
  • 53 Province Cards
  • 25 War Chest Cards
  • 5 Special Cards
  • 10 Action Cards
  • 12 Event Cards
  • 5 Daimyo Cards
  • 5 Individual Boards
  • 310 Player Army Cubes
  • 20 Neutral Army Cubes
  • 55 War Chests
  • 5 Victory Point Markers
  • 5 Rice Markers
  • 80 Building Tiles
  • 42 Revolt Markers
  • 1 Three-part Battle Tower
  • 1 Storage Tray
  • 1 Supplement
  • 1 Rule Booklet (English, Japanese, German, Spanish, French)

12 +
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GAMES Magazine Best Advanced Strategy Nominee 2008
IGA: Best Strategy Game Nominee (special award) 2003
Hunchy says: "If you enjoy this Dirk Henn game, you'll likely have fun with AlhambraGranada, and Eketorp!"
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