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Publisher: Face2Face Games

BGGID: 594

Sleuth Card Game


Drake says: "In Sleuth, players use simple rules and deduction to discover the missing gem. Through questioning, players gather information, then carefully piece them together to solve the mystery. It's a game of skillful deduction for 3 to 7 players."


John says: "Sleuth is an absolutely genuine classic deduction card game. It's simple, but players must make notations that are reliable, but flexible. The small box and large capacity for number of players make this one great for travel and parties."


Sid Sackson


Sleuth is a fascinating detective game in which players call upon their powers of deduction and logic to discover the identity of the missing gem. Through strategic questioning, each player gathers his bits of information, then skillfully welds them together to form the clues which will provide the solution to the mystery. Clever question and skillful deductions, combined with some plain old-fashioned luck, make Sleuth an absorbing game for 3 to 7 players.

  • 36 Gem Cards
  • 54 Search Cards
  • 1 Pad Of Investigation Sheets
  • 1 Rule Booklet

10 +

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GAMES Magazine Family Game Nominee 2005

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