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Traders Of Carthage

Retail: $24.99
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Publisher: Z-Man Games

BGGID: 24827

The Traders Of Carthage Board Game


Drake says: "In Traders Of Carthage, players buy goods or grab coins in the market while cards in the farm replenish the market. When goods are bought, ships move toward Carthage. When a ship reaches Carthage, a payday occurs, where that particular merchandise is sold. Any ships on pirate spaces get raided and players must discard cards with storage icons to try and save their merchandise. Achievement tokens increase the value of merchandise and 8 or more tokens acquired by a player ends the game."


John says: "Traders Of Carthage is a fast-playing card-based game. The timing of the pirates allows for interesting offensive game play. This is a great lighter game that travels extremely well!"


Susumu Kawasaki


You, timely traders at commerce city Carthage, buy goods at the Market, sell them to oversea merchants, and become more wealthy. But if you want to prosper, be careful of pirates!

  • 1 Game Board
  • 108 Cards
  • 12 Wooden Pieces
  • 48 Achievemnent Tokens
  • 1 Rule Booklet

10 +

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