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Publisher: Winning Moves

BGGID: 27532

Vineta Board Game


Drake says: "In Vineta, players take on the role of the Norse gods who have decided to bring about the fall of this proud and mighty city. To begin the fall of Vineta the gods will create storm surges. Each surge will destroy one of Vineta's nine districts. However, in secret, each player places one of the 9 districts under his protection and will try to save that district as well as the houses of their own, secret color. "


John says: "Vineta is an excellent light-weight game with lots of tension. It plays up to 6 players, but it plays best with 3!"


Fabiano Onça, Mauricio Miyaji & Mauricio V. Gibrin


On Waka-Waka Island, someone has clumsily broken one of the oldest relics, infuriating the gods, who will seek vengeance upon the people (and maybe even nail the guilty party in the process). However, every deity wants to maintain a healthy group of faithful followers.

The players portray the angry gods, each with her own secret objective. The gods destroy portions of the island, each one trying to sink as many of the heathens as possible, while protecting her followers, as well as her place of worship, which is hidden in one of the nine portions of the island. Even the gods are not above bluffing a little!

  • 4 District Boards
  • 49 Wood Houses
  • 180 God Cards
  • 6 God Chips
  • 7 House Tiles
  • 9 District Tiles
  • 1 Wood Starting Player Tile
  • 1 Wood Round Token
  • 1 Rule Booklet

12 +

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