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Worm up!

Retail: $19.99
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Publisher: Gryphon Games

BGGID: 404

Worm up! Board Game


Drake says: "In this fun, goofy game, each player controls a worm formed from several lined-up discs. Worm your way to the finish line as you try to out-bid and out-smart your opponents! But don't be surprised if the worms take an unexpected turn."


John says: "Designed by the remarkable Alex Randolph, Worm Up! is a fun family game involving luck, strategy, and just the perfect amount of total chaos!"


Alex Randolph


In Worm Up!, A turn consists of all players secretly choosing on their dice the amount that they want to move. When the choices are simultaneously revealed, all players who chose the same number as someone else lose their movement for that turn. All other players move their worms according to their dice, taking the appropriate number of discs from the back of the worms and adding them to the front, sometimes curving a bit in an attempt to cut off other worms' movement.

  • 25 Wooden Worm Segments In 5 Colors
  • 1 Finish Line
  • 1 Deck Of Race Cards
  • 1 Rule Booklet

7 +

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