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Retail: $34.95
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Publisher: Queen Games

BGGID: 36554

Enuk Board Game


Drake says: "Enuk is a mixture of memory and push-your-luck. Players turn over animal tiles, until they want to quit or one of the animals is scared and flees: the herring flee from the salmon, salmon flees from the seal, the seal flees from the polar bear and the polar bear flees from the Eskimo. How many tiles do you dare to turnover?"


John says: "Enuk is a great memory game for kids! Not only will your kids have fun playing Enuk, but they'll learn something too!"


Stefan Dorra & Manfred Reindl


There is plenty for Enuk to do and discover on his travels over the ice floes of Greenland. Although he is really looking forward to seeing all the animals, he gets really excited when he thinks about building the igloo. Who can manage to help build the igloo and collect the most animal counters at the same time?

  • 1 Game Board
  • 56 Animal Counters
  • 9 Reindeer Counters
  • 20 Eskimo Figures
  • 1 Sun Piece
  • 1 Rule Booklet

5 +

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