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Modern Art

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Publisher: Mayfair Games

BGGID: 118

Modern Art Card Game


Drake says: "In Modern Art, players buy and sell the paintings of five (fictitious) modern artists. Players compete in four rounds to gain the most money by buying and selling paintings at auctions and reselling them for profit."


John says: "There are many possible strategies to this simple, yet deep auction game. This is a game that everyone should own. A great simple auction game. Every player is involved on every turn. Modern Art is considered by many to be the best of Reiner Knizia's Auction Trilogy (Modern Art, RA, Medici)."


Reiner Knizia


Going once... Going twice... Sold! Congratulations! You're now the proud owner of a fine work by an aspiring artist. Who knows... he could become the next Picasso! Of course, he could also be the next Trueba. What, you've never heard of Trueba? Don't worry, no one has. He all but disappeared after his first painting sold for... oh, about the same price you just paid. Not to worry though, I'm sure yours will be worth... something.

In Modern Art, players compete to gain the most money by buying and selling paintings at auctions and reselling them for profit. The game consists of four rounds--in each, works by up to five Artists will be offered for sale, and auctioned off in various ways. Players take on the roles of art dealers/collectors. It is their decision which artworks to sell, and how to sell them. Successful players must balance two aims, firstly collecting the best artworks for their own collections, forwarding the careers of those artists from whom they have most to gain--and at the same time, raising as much money as possible by successfully auctioning off those works that don't fit their own strategy, and picking up their own fancies as cheaply as possible.

All players take turns running the auctions, which come in many different styles. Whoever offers the top bid owns the painting and sells it at the end of the round. The price the painting fetches is based on the popularity of the artist and how well his paintings have sold in the past. The player with the most money at the end of four rounds of buying and selling wins.

These Art Dealers dream of fame and riches, but dreams can vanish in an instant, leaving the player with a gallery full of last year's art, unwanted and valueless. Only those with a nose for tomorrow's tastes today will rise to the top of the Art world!

  • 1 Scoring Board
  • 70 Art Cards
  • 5 Auction House Screens
  • Money Chips
  • 15 Market Value Chips
  • 1 Rule Booklet

10 +

Check out "Modern Art" on!

Check out "Modern Art" on!


Hunchy says: "If you enjoy games with auction/bidding mechanics, you'll also enjoy Pizarro & Co., Medici, Industria, RA and Medici vs Strozzi!"
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