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Publisher: Rio Grande Games


RA Board Game
Drake says: "RA is an auction game with players competing for the same resources. The game is played in three Epochs (rounds). Players use their limited sun tokens to bid against each other on auctions for tiles. At the end of an epoch, points will be scored for the number and types of tiles a player managed to win. The price of the tiles is determined by the players bidding for them, and values can shift rapidly. Players are faced with a constant balance between 'what should be done eventually' and 'what can actually be done now'."

John says: "A masterpiece. It's fairly easy to teach, plays quickly, and there's lots of player interaction. The auction mechanic is always intense and has a unique 'Press your luck!' component to it. If you don't own an auction game yet, this is the one to get. When bidding on tiles, a good rule of thumb for new players is to pay roughly the same amount that gaining the tiles will contribute to your point total. Highly recommended."


Reiner Knizia


Lead your dynasty through 2000 years of history in ancient Egypt. Gather as much fame and honor as possible. Place the most pharaohs. Establish unequalled monuments and use the fertility of the Nile. But don't neglect your people and their culture. And pay homage to the gods -- led by the sun god RA -- otherwise the fame of your dynasty is quickly lost.

    • 1 Game Board
    • 180 Tiles
    • 48 Tablets
    • 16 Wooden Suns
    • 1 Wooden RA Figure
    • 1 Cloth Bag With Drawstring
    • 1 Rule Booklet

12 +

Check out "RA" on!

Check out "RA" on!

IGA: Best Strategy Game Nominee 2000
1999 Meeple's Choice Award
Hunchy says: "If you enjoy games with auction/bidding mechanics, you'll also enjoy Pizarro & Co., Modern Art, Industria, Medici and Medici vs Strozzi!"
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